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The doula for small beauty brands

Only a startup owner knows the struggles that come with starting a business, more so when they have to assist others to launch their businesses.

Entrepreneur, Itumeleng Mudau, felt she had bitten more than she could chew when she first started her business, but with time and a new set of skills learnt on the job, she has gained confidence and now know she is killing it.

The Benoni-born content creator, commercial model and student found her passion in beauty and decided to make money out of it.

She established her brand OrganicÓ as a side hustle but is building a brand that will soon be employing people.

Added to that she is also assisting other would be business owners to establish their brands though another aspect of her business.

“It is true when they say it takes time, it takes passion and sacrifice. I’ve learnt to do everything by myself of which all these self-taught skills are all coming in handy today,” she states.

She explains that it all started as a small thing, and as a young entrepreneur who is new into industry, she had to figure it all out all on her own. From graphics and adverts, she had to do it all.

Chasing dreams

She was introduced to the world of business about four years ago, and since then she learnt to come out of her bubble, go out there and chase dreams and everything I believed in.

However it was only early this year she ventured into the cosmetic business where OrganicÓ was birthed.

“OrganicÓ is a skincare line that has shown tremendous growth to date. So when I saw the potential and demand of products that are locally owned, I saw an opportunity to help someone establish a business for themselves especially in the time we are living in now,” she says.

She explains that in a month of introducing the opportunity of someone else starting their own business through her business she had attained two clients.

“In a matter of a few months and with the continuous marketing we kept on getting new clients. We are now supplying over 15 clients with skincare products and lashes and I should say that has been our best sellers,” she says.

Reaching goals

“One of the most important advices I share with clients who still decide on which business they want to go for is that skincare is a daily thing. We all use soaps and body lotions to keep our skin nourished. So the right marketing and a clear and precise approach in getting your products out there will make you go far.

But what about the more established brands, we ask? Itumeleng says focus is key.

“Forget about all the big companies and saying that already they have a big market and who would choose to buy from a small business,” she declares.

She says the reality is that they also started somewhere.

Entrepreneurship has been a thing for me for quite a few years now and to get into a business which is more than a business but a passion is an entire win for me.

Most of the challenges she has faced have to do with working remotely and online because some customer still see her as an Instagram business.

"This has led to losing some of my potential clients.”

She says the highlight of her business has to be the seeing the brand she established growing and making a win as well. “That definitely has to be my highlight,” she concludes.



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Editor's note

American novelist Louisa May Alcott said it best when she said “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”

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