Five ways to spring clean your mind

Blooming flowers the represent spring time.

Spring characterizes a beautiful time in nature. Trees begin to bloom and old dead leafs that needs to be shed to make way for new life are decluttered.

The concept of shedding and declutteiring does not have to remain with nature. This is actually the perfect time for us to get rid of everything that weighs us down.

1. Deal with negative thoughts


Probably the toughest thing to do yet is controlling our thoughts. The mind is the engine of whole entire being and sometimes we fuel it with negativity. These irrational beliefs keep us fearful and stagnant, anxious and depressed. So flip the switch and challenge each negative thought and turn it positive.

2. Clean and declutter

Clean and declutter – Spaces determine our mood. So imagine what a cluttered and dirty space does to your mental health or mental clarity. Please get to sweeping because this is a sure way to get cranky out the window.

3. Manage social media

How many times have you left some social media platforms feeling worse about your life? No one needs that FOMO vibe. If this has happened delete the apps. Yes delete and focus on yourself and your brain power before signing up again.

4. Eat brain food

Yes we are now managing our negative thoughts, have cleared our spaces and deleted apps that affect our vibe, now it’s time to power our brain with appropriate foods. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants – think eggs, fish, nuts, coffee (not chicory) and dark chocolate.

5. Food for the soul

Above all else feed the soul your favourite music. Someone very smart said if music be the food for the soul, then play on.


Editor's note

If there is a lesson to be taken from theCovid-19 pandemic is that nothing is certain. And when you think you are ready for the unknown it takes you completely by shock.

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