Re-igniting the best version of yourself

Kamogelo Seekoei, founder and editor of Ignited Woman magazine . A media Entreprenuer

"She remembered who she was and the game changed".

This is the kind of re-ignition I wish for every woman, remembering who we are at all times so that we can continuously slay in our lanes.

Two things - phrases really - sprung up for me while putting this edition together; self-

forgetfulness and re-introduction to the best version of self.

Self! Who are we without self, self-awareness, self-preservation and self-love, well nothing!

We call out these phrases so often that sometimes I wonder if they still carry a meaning to us. And this is part of the reason these phrases stood out for me.

I often tell people that I consider myself to be in a rare position of privilege because I get to come into contact with so many amazing women. Women who through their own journeys of business and life take me on a journey and to a large extend assist me on my own.

Self-forgetfulness can bring feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem. As JahRose puts it, when a higher level oh self-awareness is attained, then the full self–expression veil is lifted.

Similarly our cover ladies also make a mention of the word self; how they were re-introduced to the best version of self when they entered the Mrs SA


I revel in such wisdom.

And I hope you will too as you digitally turn the pages of a yet scintillating edition of our magazine.


Editor's note

If there is a lesson to be taken from theCovid-19 pandemic is that nothing is certain. And when you think you are ready for the unknown it takes you completely by shock.

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