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Tapping into her financial freedom

Players in the network marketing industry have been hard at work in the past few years to reposition the sector as professional, transformational and a viable business, not the perceived pyramid scheme that only benefit the few.

Now positioned for the self-motivated, driven and success-breeding individuals, the profession of network marketing is just on another level for self-actualisation.

Thato Omontle Moremong is one of the more successful players in this industry and continues to smash goals, yet she knows the hard work that has to go into making it in this tough business.

Four years in and she is already operating in 12 countries and has tapped into her financial freedom groove.

Thato is a single mom to a beautiful nine-year old girl named Kgatontle and is originally from Vryburg in the North West province.

She describes herself as a sister, an aunt and a friend to many. More importantly Thato knows she is ambitious and a big dreamer.

She came to Johannesburg to study accounting and after nine years of working in what felt like a dead end job she finally quit to pursue network marketing under the umbrella of Forever Living Products.

“I do business development and I am also a transformational coach. Basically I help people believe in the power of their dreams using the generous Forever Living compensation plan.

Starting her business

Thato remembers how four years ago she was just another frustrated employee.

“My parents passed on when I was 12 and left us with a lot of debt. I had the responsibility to take my younger sister through school and as a result I found myself in a deep hole of my parents’ debt and my own debt,” she said.

She took on a role that paid her three times less just because it was a permanent position that promised stability. This she hoped would also assist her get to the finish line of her studies.

The permanent job only left her with more debt, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression at age 26.

“In January 2017 I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and I needed to find a solution. I had applied for jobs with no luck and I knew that I would have to find something that helped me with my health and also my debt. I saw a high school class mate killing it on social media and I reached out and that’s when I realised I found my purpose,” she says.

She subsequently retired from the accounting profession within five months and now does the business from the comfort of her home.

The original plan

Thato never actually wanted to go into accounting and network marketing was not even a though when she was charting her future as a child.

“I had a dream to be a performer. I remember telling my dad that I wanted to study drama and he said people on TV don’t have degrees I should do what I am good at, which was accounting,” she remarks.

She confesses that in taking her father’s advice she forgot about herself.

“I did just that but in the end I was so unhappy with my job that I always looked for ways to exit and then Forever Living came along and rescued me,” she says.

Being that as it may one never does something and does not learn.

Although she does not work in accounting full time the skills she possesses help her daily.

Financial freedom

From where she started as a frustrated and underpaid employee, Thato can safely say the promise of financial freedom made by those who recruited her has lifted off.

“From where I come from I have definitely achieved financial freedom but as I keep smashing my goals I start to have new goals. I am definitely not where I used to be four years ago,” she says.

Her goals have not been attained without challenges though.

She admits that entrepreneurship is a lonely road where she quickly realised that separation was elevation.

“I lost friend, family was not supportive, I lost relationships. I was laughed at by colleagues, I got block and even removed from the family Whatsapp group. I became on with losing people, I understood that their chapter was meant to end where it ended and I also made new friends and I have an amazing partner who supports all my crazy dreams, lol,” she chuckles.

But the highlights trump all the low lights she had to overcome. She says the best part about what I do is seeing my mentees transform.

“I work with people from all walks of life, educated and non-educated. Its always amazing to see how they all have a fair chance to attain financial freedom and who is resilient enough to endure the challenges of entrepreneurship and win.

Her advice to those wanting to take the plunge: “Stop listening to unsuccessful people who gave up two month after they joined”.

“People underestimate network marketing because of its low start-up capital however it’s like any other business. You have to work at it in order for it to work,” she says.

Secret to success

“I have no back-up plan,” she professes.

“I only have God and my dreams so I apply my faith in all that I do,” she continues.

The highly motivated Thato says she is consistent, disciplined and dedicated to her dreams.

“There is no failure in my vocabulary. I take challenges as lessons and I’ve learnt to fail forward,” she says.

Parting Shot: Self is your identity. You have to know who u are and what you stand for before anything or this world will poison you to believe what should be. Love yourself enough to put yourself first, it’s not selfish but u are aware of who u are.



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Editor's note

American novelist Louisa May Alcott said it best when she said “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”

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