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Resolute to succeed as new CUT Registrar

Meet the Women of the Central University of Technology

New CUT Registrar Dr Sally Dzingwa featured on Ignited Woman
Newly appointed CUT Registrar Dr Sally Dzingwa. Pic from VUT Website

The newly appointed Registrar of the Central University of Technology, Dr Sally Dzingwa, is determined to contribute positively to the strategic objectives of the institution.

She was recently appointed by the university council replacing Dr Nothemba Mrwetyana who retired after 40 years of service in the higher education sector.

“Being a Registrar comes with responsibilities that can impact on the stability of each university - not just CUT. This is a heavy burden to carry, loaded with expectations and some anxiety to see desired outcomes,” she says.

She admits that the sector is confronted with several unprecedented contestations, some are internal some external, making her more resolute to increase access to students and position the university as one of the best producers of top graduates in the country.

“As the university’s Registrar, I look forward to working with everyone who aspires to grow the university, to being part of this strong leadership which is resolute on achieving CUT’s aspirations,” says Dr Dzingwa.

“I want to be the axis that supports access that articulates to success. I am a resilient proponent of student success and so I would like to see CUT students taking advantage of their academic qualifications and be countered as entrepreneurs, employable graduates, and economic drivers in South Africa,” she adds.

Dr Dzingwa holds the following qualifications: a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal; a Master of Administration – research – and a Doctor of Administration (PhD) both from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

She held two critical portfolios respectively at the Vaal University of Technology as Deputy Registrar for Enrolment Services from 2012 to 2018 and Senior Deputy Registrar for Strategic Enrolment Management between 2018 and 2021.

Her passion and love for the higher education sector inspired her to pursue a career in academics.

“I studied Bachelor of Arts Degree, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal majored in Philosophy and Political Science. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not complete my degree from the onset. I later finished and proceeded to enrolling further, until I finished my PhD in Public Administration. As a mother having to navigate work and study at the same time it was difficult, however I was resolute, and extremely persistent in achieving my goal.”

In addition to her accolades, it is worth noting that Dr Dzingwa has published several articles in accredited journals and conference proceedings.

“I am results driven, so what motivates me is that one can’t give up because things are not bringing expected results, situations may be challenging even complex and therefore may require some courageous reflection, readjustments, navigating those portholes, but we continue to take charge and keep going forward,” concludes Dr Dzingwa.



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Editor's note

American novelist Louisa May Alcott said it best when she said “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”

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