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The dynamite that's innovating the COFFEE industry

Chantelle de Bruyn with her butternut coffee

One of the most mysterious pleasures of life is the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Inexplicably enticing. Any coffee lover can attest to the fact that nothing kicks off a day like a deliciously balanced fresh cup of coffee.

The makers of Buttercup Farmhouse, a unique coffee that appeals to both coffee enthusiasts and individuals who aren't supposed to have any caffeine in their systems know this all too well.

They have created a blend of coffee that is both distinctive and healthy.

Chantelle de Bruyn, CEO and founder of Buttercup Farmhouse’s inspiration was invoked by her grandfather’s liver disease diagnosis and the recommendation that he should stop consuming caffeine. The innovator dug deeper into research and later created a ground-breaking vegetable-based coffee so that her grandfather, who loves coffee, could continue enjoying not only the aroma but the taste as well. Our writer Bianca Mashao spoke to her about her inspiration and innovation.

Bloemfontein's very own coffee brand is taking the country by storm with its unique selling point. A coffee that does not have caffeine and is made from vegetables, yet still gives the consumer the smoothest taste of coffee on planet earth. Chantelle du Bruyn is the brilliant brain behind this creation.

A first of its kind coffee

Chantelle de Bruyn is an entrepreneur who specializes in product development and crop production. She runs a fast-growing business with a brand that is quickly gaining traction in the market for its unique proposition.

A coffee made out of butternut, a first of its kind in the world. Something that she prides herself with and plans to capitalise on as she takes this coffee to the world.

Founded in 2019, Buttercup Farmhouse is successfully catering for people who are not allowed any intake of caffeine in their system. It also caters for coffee lovers in general with the smoothness of the coffee intended to appeal to the pallet.

Not only this but its health benefits trumps most coffees currently in the market. The coffee contains extreme health benefits and nutrient elements such as Fibre, Potassium, Vitamin A, B and D and sealed off with a creamy touch and wholesome flavour.

Highlights of product development

For Chantel, this has been the most interesting tale to share. She and her team may be the first to turn a vegetable into coffee, but their goal is to change the coffee industry and return coffee to its former position as the most traded commodity in the world. To achieve this, they must put forth a lot more effort than they did at first. However, this issue will result in an increase in employment in labour effective part of the business. She works with the University of the Free State to test her creation and ensure that it is ready for the market.

As a trailblazer, Chantel says she has delighted in and appreciated her journey. She says the individuals she has met along the way and the places the firm has been invited to in order to develop on a world stage have been the highlights of her journey.

“For me, this demonstrates that we have potential, and it is up to my team to make it a reality. One of the most rewarding aspects is being able to improve people's life; individuals who previously couldn't drink coffee can now do so without hesitation.”

Plans for the future

Job creation is one of the things that Chantelle envisages to contribute towards. She says on production alone Buttercup Farmhouse is set to create over 1000 jobs within the next 3 years, with farmers and other suppliers will also add to the statistics of growing the business.

This is despite the challenges that she often has to deal with. Sadly, for her like many other entrepreneurs out there, the first year of selling was not as successful as the third year.

Access to the market, operating space and operational expenditures as often cited were also her biggest growth obstacles. Yet hers is a business whose growth potential is undeniable.



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