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Business management apps to make you more efficient

Every small business aspires to have it systems in order. It is not always easy when the business is managed on a shoestring budget and does not have adequately trained personnel.

It is consequently important to get the kind of assistance for the right things.

Here are a few Apps that every businesswoman should have on her phone.

If you don’t have them, get them:

Finance management

Sage: By using this pre-defined SARS compliant payslip definitions, you can confidently manage your payroll with a simple, reliable and flexible online payroll system, no matter what your level of payroll experience. The company offers an effortlessly set up once-off or fixed payments and deductions. We will take care of the PAYE, UIF and SDL calculations.

SimplePay: is a payroll app that helps small businesses make processing correct and compliant payroll as stress-free as possible. It offers the user a leave management system that is compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Annual leave accrues automatically and sick and compassionate leave are calculated.

Mobile payment

Payfast: enables the easy, secure and instant transfer of money to online merchants to help them grow, develop and succeed in the digital economy. PayFast supports 7 popular payment methods and integrate with more than 80 platforms and custom integrations. So no matter what platform you use, PayFast will enable you to get paid online.

PayPal Here- by creating an app that lets businesses attach PayPal’s card reader to a tablet or other device and use it as a portable register. The PayPal Here app is ideal for businesses that need to get paid on the go.

Time management

Evernote: is the app for keeping your notes organized. You can store and share your personal and business to-do lists, reminders and notes across mobile and desktop devices. Evernote is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.


Shopify: Probably the most popularly used shopping cart there is out there. Shopify has set itself apart by providing a reliable, secure shopping cart solution for your ecommerce website. The shopping cart software allows you to accept credit cards and PayPal payments by integrating with over 100 payment gateways.

Ecwid: This e-commerce shopping cart seamlessly blends into your existing site in minutes — your website design is unaffected and no software installation is necessary. It helps you set up a store on any website or social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram.

Communicating with customers

Mailchimp: We all need to keep in touch with our customers, this app helps you build and manage your mailing lists and easily create and send newsletters. You can also build and customize email templates and view performance reports about your emails. This information can help you send your customers more relevant emails.



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